UMBB – Universal back box

The UMBB back box can be fitted with multiple different front plates, these are pre-drilled with threaded holes patterns to suit the bracket footprint vast majority of Vista and Xeno bullet and dome cameras. The innovative 32mm waterproof gland is designed to allow even the largest camera connector to pass through. It is supplied with a selection of waterproof rubber central bungs, with different diameter cable holes. These are split along one edge to make it possible to wrap around the cameras cable.<

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Product code: 0690220

The VRD-TMJB  tower mount dome brackets incorporate a junction box on the upright section of the bracket. This junction box allows for simple access to the cable termination this greatly simplifies both installation and maintenance. The VRD-TMJB is designed to fit Vista range of I and analogue external vandal resistant domes. Using an industry standard 4 inch PCD (Pitch Centre Diameter) base plate the VRD-TMJB  can be mounted on any CCTV tower or pole.



Product code: 0498940

Pendant mount bracket for Vista (VRD) vandal resistant external domes.



Product code: 0498930

Wall mount bracket for Vista (VRD) vandal resistant analogue and IP domes



Product code: 0457230

Corner mount adaptor for Vista PTZ dome wall mount brackets

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